Participant Database

What is this about?

We at HULC lab conduct various psycholinguistic studies, each requiring a number of participants. In this participant database, you can submit your information if you are interested in taking part in such studies, and we can contact you by email whenever a study is taking place where your profile matches the requirements for participants.

By registering, you aren't committing to anything, of course! You give us permission only to contact you when we have a suitable study, and you decide if you want to take part in the particular study. Usually, a participant is paid 5-10 € for participating, while the duration of an experiment is around 15-30 minutes. Experiments usually take place in our lab, which is located in Heidelberg.

What information do I need to supply, and who will have access to this data?

We will store contact data and some profile information (gender, date of birth, languages spoken) that will only be used ever to filter which participants are suitable for each study. Experiment data is always anonymized, and we will keep all your data confidentially and never impart it to any third party. Only research members of our Lab have access to this data, and will use it only to find suitable participants for their studies.

How long will the data be kept?

You can set an expiration date to your data set, after which your data will be erased from the database and you won't be contacted again from this date forward. You can set this expiration date to the time you leave Heidelberg, for example. Additionally, you will receive a secret link in an email which allows you to change or delete your data at any time.

Interested? Enter your data now!

Participant data
By submitting my data, I accept the conditions as noted above. I understand that my data is kept confidential and that I can revoke the registration at any time using the link sent to me via email. I do not commit to anything but that my data may be used to contact me if a suitable study is taking place. I also confirm having read and understood the details in the privacy policy.

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