Support Office

The Support Office is the place to go for any kind of technical support regarding the lab.

  • Lab equipment (eyetrackers, computers, audio equipment)
  • Experimentation software (SMI Experiment Suite, PsychoPy, OpenSesame)
  • Experiment design and implementation
  • Stimulus preparation (Images, Audio, Video)
  • Processing and analyzing data (Python, Perl, R, SMI BeGaze, Praat)
Contact: Dipl.-Ing.(BA) Takara Baumbach
Room 124, Institut für Deutsch als Fremdsprachenphilologie (IDF), Plöck 55
Office hours: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 11:00 ~ 13:00 h, or on appointment
Phone: +49 6221 547546
Mobile: +49 176 24331711 (for urgent cases only!)
Telegram: @takara_baumbach
Or contact us via email:

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