Time and Space in Language and Cognition

The "Time and Space group" explores how speakers of different languages represent and encode spatial and temporal information. What are universals in the representation of time and space? How can linguistic diversity be properly captured? How does the linguistic repertoire in one language affect attention allocation in non-linguistic domains?

Event segmentation in verbal and non verbal tasks under a cross linguistic perspective

In the study we test the role of linguistically shaped event units for segmenting the continuous flow of visual input. Given fundamental cross-linguistic differences in the description of motion events in French and German event unit formation in both a verbal as well as a non-verbal task was tested. The results show significant differences between language groups in both tasks.


LANG-ACROSS: Utterance structure in context - L1 & L2 acquisition in a cross-linguistic perspective

This project focuses on cognitive and linguistic determinants of language acquisition in a cross-linguistic perspective, with a main focus on conceptualizations of space and time.


Event duration estimations are modulated by grammatical aspect

This project investigates the effect of grammatical aspect marking on speakers’ estimations of the duration of highly familiar, everyday events.


A Case for Semantic Underspecification? The Representation of Aspectual Class Information for Motion Verbs and Directional Prepositions

This project investigates the cognitive processing of aspectual class (AC) information in descriptions of motion events. We specifically aim at what user behaviour under controlled conditions tells us about the way AC information is stored in the mental lexicon: Are verbs and directional prepositions stored with determinate information about their contribution to the AC of complex expressions in which they appear, or can their AC contribution – at least in some cases - be lexically underspecified.


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