The HULC lab is a cooperation of researchers based at the Institut für Deutsch als Fremdsprachenphilologie (Institute for German as a foreign language philology) and the Center for Iberoamerica, at Heidelberg University. The HULC lab was founded in September 2011. Our facilities include an Eye Tracking lab, a Language laboratory, and an RT lab. Members of the HULC lab are currently carrying out MA, PhD, Postdoctoral or ‘Habilitation’ research.

Featured project of the week

Recently, easy-to-read German (Leichte Sprache) was developed as a means to make written texts more accessible to people who struggle with reading texts in standard German. However, it is far from clear whether the suggested linguistic means really promote readability and comprehensibility. Moreover, the suggested rules might be stated more precisely and additional factors might be considered. The aim of the current project is to test the effects of linguistic manipulations on the readability and intelligibility of words, sentences and texts for people with intellectual disabilities, for functionally illiterates, for beginning readers, and for readers of German as a second or foreign language.

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