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 ET Lab (IDF room 207) with stationary RED500 eyetracker  BeGaze licence dongle  RED 250 mobile eyetracker


  • Event titles have to contain your name and/or project! Please also write down if you need one of the following equipment pieces so that others know when those are in use:
    • camera (LogitechC920, required for audio recording)
    • headrest
  • Please be careful when making overlapping events: Only two of the three event types can be used simultaneously (mobile eyetracker is used in conjunction with the ExperimentCenter dongle, the BeGaze dongle then has to be used for recording in the Lab)!
  • Create full day events only when necessary!
  • When reserving the MET, it's best to inform Mirjam (see Lab->Support office for contact details), since you will have to get the hardware from her.

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